User Data Deletion Policy

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

There are two types of user accounts within Collabtic:

  • Enterprise user account – this is where your employer requires you to create an account, as part of the tools for your job or work instructions.
  • Personal user account – this account is created by you for your personal need or objective.

Policy for each type of account is different and outlined below.

Enterprise user accounts

If your Collabtic account was created on behalf of your employer as part of the enterprise account, the account admin will set the account rights of what users can or cannot do.

Should the data deletion option be disabled, please contact your admin for any data related to your account.

Personal account users

If you created a personal account in Collabtic, the system will let you delete certain account data but may not let you delete all your authored or created data.

Please contact us for specific questions about your data deletion needs.