User Account Deletion Policy

Updated:  Dec 13, 2023

There are two types of user accounts within Collabtic:

  • Enterprise user account – this is where your employer requires you to create an account, as part of the tools for your job or work instructions.
  • Personal user account – this account is created by you for your personal need or objective.

Policy for each type of account is different and outlined below.

Enterprise user accounts

If your Collabtic account was created on behalf of your employer as part of the enterprise account, following information will be deleted when your employer deactivates your account:

  • Profile picture
  • Personal email or phone number

Following information may not be deleted when your account is deactivated by your employer:

  • First Name & Last Name
  • Business Email
  • Content added by you in the application.

The Enterprise account admin may request Collabtic to terminate the enterprise account. At that time, a copy of all the data in Collabtic may be requested by the admin. Once the data is transferred, all user data related to that enterprise account will be deleted from Collabtic.

Should you have any further questions about the deletion of your enterprise account, please contact us or contact your former employer.

Personal Account Users

If you created a personal account in Collabtic, please click on the link below and we will follow up with you or notify you when your account has been deleted.

We will delete your personal information as outlined below:

  • Name
  • Emails
  • Phone numbers
  • Addresses
  • Certification information
  • Training information
  • Other personal profile information

Following information will not be deleted – Content added or generated by you on the platform. Example:

  • Threads
  • Articles
  • Fixes
  • Troubleshooting information
  • Other content added
  • Usage metrics

Even though the above information will remain, it will no longer be linked to you or your personal account.

Account will be deleted within 48 hours.

Please login to your account on the web to delete your account.