Guided Troubleshooting – Most efficient way to transfer knowledge

Web based authoring tool to create machine and problem specific guided troubleshooting procedures in minutes. Create your flows, author detail steps to be followed, attach variety of media to assist the techs in the field. Once complete, deploy the procedures in a snap.

Additional GTS Features

Machine mapping

Every procedure can be mapped to variety of machine configurations


Setup your own category of failure modes for structured access

Track each event

Build a rich repository of diagnosis data to feed the system AI by tracking steps, decisions, values and other key parameters

Multiple workflow options

Techs have the option to review the procedure, start a new one, pause half way and return or see other workflows by techs and their resolution

Don’t miss a step

Enable positive user feedback options to ensure steps are followed and not overlooked


Provide relevant information at the point of need and keep the technician focused on the task